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Welcome to the Wedded Week Marketing Resources Centre. Here you’ll find everything you need to make the most of our partnership.

This center is designed to assist you in launching and promoting Wedded Week across your various channels, helping you drive incremental sales effectively.

How to leverage the Marketing resources center.

Navigate through the assets using the left-hand menu, where you’ll find logos and templates ready for download. These can be utilized across your socials, emails, and website.Benefit from our tips on how best to employ these assets and follow our examples for co-branding with Wedded Week.
Promote our partnership to your customers and spread the good news.


Alternative combinations are permitted as shown below. Choose the logo that contrasts most with your background for optimal legibility. Use the black logo on light backgrounds and the white logo on dark backgrounds. The Wedded Week color lock-up is exclusively used on a black background

The Wedded Week Badge, our second key visual asset after our logo, acts as a call to action on our merchants’ digital platforms. It’s available only in the four color combinations displayed below.

Alternative versions are allowed. Select the variant that offers the best legibility on your site. For light backgrounds, use the black badge options; for dark websites, use the white badge.

 64px / 32 mm


The Wedded Week logo consists of the Loop symbol and the word Wedded Week, which must always appear in unison and adhere strictly to the designated color scheme.

Website Banners

Social media

Social media serves as a dynamic storefront, offering a robust platform to inform customers that your business offers Wedded Week. Utilize our pre-designed assets, complemented by approved messaging, to heighten awareness and propagate information about your offerings on your digital platforms.

EDM Placement

VM – Instore

Social media acts as an influential virtual storefront, signaling to customers that Wedded Week is available through your services. Employ our ready-to-use assets, crafted with approved messaging, to amplify awareness and communicate the benefits of your partnership with Wedded Week on your social channels.