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What is Wedded Week?
Who is the customer?
Someone who is on their Wedding Journey from proposal to engagement to pre-wedding events, wedding day celebration, honeymoon, and setting up home. This includes products in engagement rings, jewelry, fashion, eventing, wedding specific brands, lingerie, sleepwear, beauty, lifestyle products, honeymoon, luggage, homewares and furnishings and more.


As well as the wedding guest which covers fashion, beauty, gifting and experiences.

Why should my business participate in Wedded Week?

Any business wanting to book more weddings, drive more couples to their stores, increase engagement in their wedding products and services, sell current or new wedding products and services, and more- should participate in Wedded Week, which is the world’s largest online wedding expo.

Wedded Week is both an online and in-store event. Participants have the flexibility to showcase their offerings through their online platforms and physical stores, providing a comprehensive experience.

By participating in Wedded Week Expo, businesses will gain exposure to a targeted audience interested in wedding-related products and services. It’s an opportunity to increase brand visibility, launch new products, drive sales, move product, book dates, and form valuable connections within the wedding industry.

How can I register my business for Wedded Week?

Complete the form above and then complete your payment seamlessly online to complete your registration.

When does Wedded Week take place?

Wedded Week wedding expo occurs twice a year, from April 14-20th and October 7-13th – as these are the peak sales and booking periods for Weddings throughout the year, globally

What steps can I take to ensure I'm promoting the sale to my customers?

We encourage you to maximize the resources in Wedded Week’s content library, leveraging the online and in-store marketing materials we’ve supplied to share across your website, emails, social media, and in-store.

Spread the excitement leading up to Wedded Week by informing your customers of your participation. Join the trend and amplify your reach by using our hashtag #WEDDEDWEEK #WEDDEDWEEKEXPO #WEDDEDWEEKWEDDING #WEDDEDWEEKEVENT #WEDDEDWONDERLAND

How will Wedded Week be promoted?
Wedded Week will be extensively promoted through Wedded Wonderland’s digital and social media channels, through brand ambassadors, media partners, social media, and other partnering platforms. Wedded Wonderland will leverage targeted marketing strategies to ensure maximum visibility and engagement with our audience.
When is the cut off date for registration?

– Wedded Week ONE: Mar 20th 2024

– Wedded Week TWO: Sep 15th 2024

I've missed the cut off for registrations, can I still register my business for Wedded Week?

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to accommodate offer submissions once the submission form has closed.

Please email [email protected] regarding registration for future Wedded Week Wedding Expo.

Can I participate if my business is not wedding-focused by caters to wedding guests?

Yes, businesses that cater to wedding guests, such as fashion retailers, beauty salons, travel agencies, and more, are welcome to participate. Wedded Week wedding expo provides a platform to showcase products and services that complement the wedding experience.

How can I stay updated on Wedded Week announcements and news?

Stay connected with us through our official website and social media channels for the latest updates, announcements, and news related to Wedded Week Expo. Additionally, registered participants will receive regular communications via email.


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